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Mr. Holmes (2015)

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Anyone see this movie yet? The reviews seem generally positive though not glowing.

I'm a big fan of the Sherlock Holmes character, and Ian McKellen looked good in the trailers. That said, I'm not sure about director Bill Condon, whose filmography includes such wonders as The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2 and The Fifth Estate...
It's been a while since you posted!  Did you catch a showing?

For me, Jeremy Brett is Sherlock Holmes, and I always have reservations about seeing someone else in the role.  But I think that it helped that the film was about an elderly Holmes, and Ian McKellen's performance turned out to be the highlight of the film, as I suspected it might.  There was some nice cinematography too, and the plot was more engaging than I was expecting it to be, though the pacing was perhaps a little slow.  I very much liked the way Watson was handled.

Mr. Holmes was definitely worth seeing.  If it's too late to catch it in theaters, I'd recommend seeing it on BD.
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No, I never actually saw it.

Though based on your review and also my personal positive opinion of Ian McKellen, I think a theatrical viewing for me may be in the cards. It's still very much in theaters stateside.

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