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fanres promotion
Hello to everybody, I think it's time to make some promotion to this forum; if you want to help, please spread the word everywhere - tell about it to your friends, post a link into your blog or website, start a new thread into your (other) favourite forum... then, let us know here, so if, for example, other members wants to take part of the discussion into another forum, they will find info and links here!
Here you are an image you could use for the promotion:
I used it into my blog -
Feel free to use into your blog and website!
Thanks given by:
Is that Doc?
Thanks given by:
Maybe, maybe not... found on the net... I just liked the image, and I was tired of the ol' uncle Sam!
Thanks given by:
I'm here, now show me the money (EFNY)
Your work is a testimony to the community, keep it up

Big Grin
Thanks given by: spoRv

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