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Can Jackass 3D Possibly Exist in the Home?

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We've been fortunate enough to get a few fanmade Friday the 13th Part 3D releases long before Shout! did an official release (which turned out inferior to some of the fanmade ones, imo).

Is it at all possible for a fanmade Jackass 3D to ever exist? Did it get released on streaming in 3D at some point? This is among the last 3D releases that never got a 3D Blu-ray release and I just don't see an official release ever being put out.
Quote:Jackass 3D is exclusively available for rent on 3DTVs which support the 3DGO! streaming app.
Unless someone ripped it from a now defunct streaming service, It's pretty much lost media at this point.
Someone had posted the half side by side streaming version a while back. Don't know how the quality was but it is out there somewhere!
The Half SideBySide is still out there on a Russian tracker.
Ah, thanks for the tip!
Yeah I have a rip somewhere think it's HSBS

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