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Best Death Wish blu rays

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Looking for the best blu ray for each Death Wish movie in terms of picture quality. Any suggestions?
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Right now, you will want to get the Vinegar Syndrome release of Death Wish II (the Shout Factory disc isn't too bad either, if you can get it cheaper) and the Scorpion Releasing of Death Wish 3. There really are no silver bullets for the original (which needs a new scan, but Paramount will not do anything with it), 4 (here the MGM disc is the only one available) and 5 (which pretty much doesn't exist outside of an Aussie release because of licensing issues).
Considering picture quality and organization, the best Death Wish blu rays in my suggestion list include the following:

  1. Death Wish (1974)
  2. Death Wish II (1982)
  3. Death Wish III (1985)

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