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Toy Soldiers (1991) - TV Spots #1,2,3 - Fan Remaster

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New project out on Youtube.

These are original TV Spots of the movie Toy Soldiers (1991) now in crisp HD. They are all 100% frame perfect and got a newly accurately created trailer credit card.

"Why not post the trailer too?" you may ask. Don't worry, it's also in the works. Though I still need the version from the US Blu-ray Wink
I'm also working on the original German trailer, which will be posted here, when it's done.

For the time being, the TV Spots are out.

Enjoy Smile

TV Spot #1 (30sec)

TV Spot #2 (30sec)

TV Spot #3 (15sec)
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Awesome! The US version has a great new scan, but they botched the audio on it. I synced the UK audio track to it, let me know if you need it.

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