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Halloween (1978): Extended Edition (Remastered)

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[Image: halloween-extended-edition-remastered-poster.png]

Project Info

When Halloween was sold for broadcast to NBC in 1980, the network's Standards and Practices Department demanded numerous edits to the original film. Although producer Debra Hill personally debated these cuts, it became necessary to create additional scenes to fill the movie's two-hour television slot. Using the crew of Halloween II, as well as stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence, director John Carpenter commenced a three-day shoot of all-new scenes and alternate footage that was then added to the original version.

In 1999, a new composite cut was created for the "limited edition" 2-disc Anchor Bay THX DVD, which consisted of the additional TV version footage integrated into the uncut, theatrical version of the film. This version would be released on a standalone DVD in 2001, then go on to be included in the 2008 30th Anniversary Commemorative Set, and finally presented in an HD/SD composite in the 2014 15-disc deluxe edition Halloween: The Complete Collection box set released by Scream Factory. It was also included as one of the many versions of the film included in the most recent 2021 4K UHD release of Halloween, also done by Scream Factory.

Faneditor kidjupiter92 has recently remastered the 101-minute Extended Edition using the new 2021 transfer of Halloween, and deinterlaced and upscaled the TV version footage to present a completely HD version of the Extended Edition.

Video: The Extended Edition used as the base of the project was sourced from the third disc of the 2021 Scream Factor 4K UHD release of Halloween. The new 2021 transfer of Halloween and the TV Version footage was sourced from the same 4K UHD release. The TV Version footage was then deinterlaced and upscaled to 4K using Topaz Video Enhance AI, before being downscaled to 1080p to be included alongside the 1080p footage source from the second disc of the release.  

LPCM: English 5.1 Surround (Converted from the DD 5.1 soundtrack sourced from the SF release)
LPCM: English 2.0 Mono (Mixdown from the LPCM 5.1 soundtrack and mixed to replicate a 70s Mono 2.0 track)
DD: English 5.1 Surround (Sourced from the SF release)
DD: English 2.0 Mono (Mixdown from the LPCM 5.1 soundtrack, mixed to replicate a 70s Mono 2.0 track, and converted to DD)

[Image: Halloween-Extended-Edition-Remastered-mkv-thumbs.jpg]

Status: Complete. PM for download.
REVIEW: After having generously received a link to download this fan edit and finally sitting through an evening viewing... I've must say I'm gobsmacked at just how incredible this restorative effort looks. The color restoration is outstanding and the upscale of the deleted scenes from standard definition to HD is absolutely incredible. You cannot tell that these scenes have been upscaled. The integration of these upscaled deleted scenes is 100% seamless. Kudos to kidjupiter92!!! The amount of work and effort you've put into this edit is astounding and this edit should be considered to be the definitive edition of this classic horror movie. If you haven't seen this, don't delay and request a link. You won't be sorry!!!
Sounds amazing! Would love to have a link to this! Thank you!

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