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what should be the future of forum.fanres.com?
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the future of forum.fanres.com

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Quote:There are three points of view to everything - mine, yours, and the truth.

Oriana Fallaci

Feallan's point of view is quoted, followed by my answers.

Quote:Previously, any changes to the forum, even small ones were always consulted between the two of us and forum moderators, PDB and Doombot, and we always have had to come to some sort of unanimous agreement.

You changed often things without saying nothing - at least to me.
  • removed calendar
  • removed statistics
  • added a lot of plugins
Quote:Recently, spoRv has done a ton of changes to the forum layout and underlying settings on his own, knowing that the rest of us clearly and strongly objected to them.

True. He just omitted that I posted at the same time polls related to each change, to hear what the users think about, and eventually revert back to previous state.
Results were: 

Poll: Do you like the new layout?
Yes, it's cleaner, keep it! 92.31%
No, gimme back the old one... 7.69%
Poll: Do you like the new themes?
Yes 80.00%
No 20.00%

Quote:Not only that, but because of his rash and unplanned approach, the forum suffered a very long, near 24 hours downtime, something I would never allow to happen.

True, partially - unless you think 12 hours is the same as 24 hours.
I followed his orders when he wrote it was irresponsible to make some changes live.
But I got a problem where I can not access the website for the latest 5/6 hours. My fault.
Still, what's the point of having two admins where one (that is also superadmin) see that and does nothing?

Quote:After the resulting argument he expressed dissatisfaction with our "agreement" approach and offered me a choice which came down to basically resigning peacefully, or getting booted. Granted, he later cooled off and apologized for it, but the core issue remained unresolved: the conflict is still there,

Sorta true.
I asked him to send me the site backup because I wanted to move the whole forum to a new server.

Quote:spoRv still wants to have complete control of the forum, and it has only faded out because of my silence on this matter.

This is your opinion, opposite to mine.
I did not fade away, I was only working onto another project, related to fanres community.
And of course he has omitted that, if he would not answer, we would go public asking who should be the main admin.
But instead of this, he preferred to buy a new domain the day later and start the division.

Quote:spoRv believes Fanres is somehow 100% his own creation which he, and he alone should be free to change to his liking, without thinking about the opinion of other users.

Again, this is your own opinion. It happened that all the time you made a change (I mean, the time you asked my opinion) I did agree.
First time I wanted to change something that you did not like (but the users did) you simply started your secret plan.
So you tell me that I'm free to change to my liking, but you did the same. Good move to start...

Quote:Myself, I don't like this kind of attitude, to me Fanres is a community that can't exist without its users, and I'm just sort of a janitor who provides the platform for the posts that you guys make. These two approaches cannot coexist and I don't trust spoRv to do right by the forum, or its users.

Well, the janitor made his job pretty well for the first years; then, lately, a lot of things were not made in the right way.
So, I did not like your attitude - you are the saviour of the forum, I am the bad dictator...
If you were so good, why the following happened?
  • you did not make a database backup since August 2020
  • you did not upgrade the forum since two months, when some security issues arised - and probably lead to some leaks
  • you did not make any administration since August 2021, when you edited a new user 17 times - for mysterious reasons
    and the worst of all, to me
  • you created "ad personam" group, "can't delete own post", and put ONE user in
Maybe you think all of these are good behaviour for an admin; let me disagree.

Frankly, what I wanted to do was to improve the forum, as I always did; create an expanded community, with various subforums like (for example)
  • guides.fanres.com
  • blog.fanres.com
  • articles.fanres.com
and give access to selected users. And also have finally the possibility to use the @fanres.com email, that I got no access since more than 6 years.
Also, the fact that Alexa ranking plummeted from around #300,000 of 2016 to #3,200,000 may be due to non-US hosting (or maybe not, but would be impossible to say until the server move)

Quote:this one is especially nasty since it may cause a userbase split, but unfortunately at this point it's either us or spoRv and we feel we can't back down and let him ruin the site we've been on for years

You see, the difference is, I would have followed what the users eventually decided - if they thought you must be the main admin, I would simply leave the whole forum task to you, even when residing onto my server. But you decided to split. Afraid of the possible debacle?

I'm not afraid, so much so that with this poll - that could be the last - I'm asking the FanRes community to decide themselves what they want to do, and not move the whole community to a new domain without their consent. This is because, despite what you wrote, I care about the community. I did everything to improve it, and I want to let it grow even more, to give it more power to decide. If they vote to be on your part, I'll prefer them to stay united.

So, dear FanRes users, you have two chances, regarding the forum.fanres.com:

- Evolve
  • new subdomains
  • a new plan about a new immersive sound format 
  • and also an optical disc format
  • leave the special users to elect special users
  • leave the power users to elect power users
  • complete freedom of speech
  • no censorship (apart spam removal)
  • functions removal with polls posted before for approval
  • functions additions/modification with polls posted after, and get back without approval
  • daily database backup
  • immediate forum upgrade when a new stable version is available
  • and many more - that we'll discuss together
- Dissolve
  • the forum.fanres.com will be left in read-only mode - or eventually deleted altogether
  • you can continue on the new fanrestore.com (great imagination, by the way)

If you like what I have in mind, and to be administered by a totalitarian dictator like me, who spend several hours a day here, created the whole forum, brought members, released dozen projects, posted innovative ideas, always ready to help, greets any single newbies, just stay here.
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog
Hello to everyone, I'm the new admin; spoRv decided to leave the admin position and gave it to someone that know personally and can trust.

Even if I'm not involved actively in the fanres community, I would do the best to admin this forum!
Welcome. Hope it'll go well here in the future. BTW, the front page is having some issues right now.
Thanks, monks19!

Please report issues; I'll try to solve them ASAP.
Site needs fixing but if ur going the file sharing route I'm all for it .
(This post was last modified: 2022-02-02, 09:16 PM by ac3.)
have to say im a little pissed of 60% Of the syncs i did were done already by someone else
(This post was last modified: 2022-02-02, 10:00 PM by ac3.)

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