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bugs & problems - general reports

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Please report here any bug and problem you notice on the forum - be as more specific as you can; it will help to solve them.

Known issues:

  • avatars: some are lost forever, so you must upload them again
  • alerts: it seems to not work with the new themes

Attention: if you don't like the new themes, you can always select an old one on bottom left of any page:

[Image: Fan-Res-theme-selector.png]
One mayor problem: The forum design is horrendous.
It is totally not usable. this is not a forum anymore it is.. i hav no kind words to describe this thing.
I cannot see or find relevant topics.
The way to find PMs is like. Hidden in the fog. 

Sorry, but please, please back to a more normal forum design, like a forum should work, and not like a silly wordpress click-together-blog.
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
Ehr... maybe you did not realize that is a theme, and that the old ones (light and dark) are still available... Smile

I edited first post, so to help other users to find out how to change theme.

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