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Evolution (2001) - BD Audio Issue

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Upon comparing the US and DE versions I found out that the US Paramount version has a faulty audio track with no LFE. The DE version has a pretty agressive LFE and the other channels also have higher energy.

Bellow's the comparison of the soundaves.

It would be great If anyone with the US R1 DVD could please share the DTS and DD tracks, I'd apprecaite to check them against these BD tracks and try to work a sync. The Cinema DTS track would also be great and the definite answer of how it should sound.

Such a shame for one of the best comedies of the 00's.

ps: IMO, Paramount is messing up big time on the audio department on recent releases. For instance, The Last Castle BD DTS-HD MA track also pales in comparison to the R1 DVD DTS track. 

Now I'm curious about The Tuxedo, also a DreamWorks title from the same era, now distributed by Paramount.
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The D-Theater English DTS track (half bitrate) has an "hotter" center channel compared to the same half bitrate DTS track found on the NTSC DVD:

[Image: Evolution-DTheater.png]
[Image: Evolution-DVD.png]

(limited to first DVD VOB, 22 minutes, and not on sync, but you have an idea)
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