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The Godfather - 4K Restoration

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So, the UHD BD caps featuring the new 4K restoration came out online.
What are your thoughts?

No particular thoughts on the video. I kind of miss the golden colour from the old transfer.

Audiowise, the mono track is basically the same as the one on the BD but with one significant difference; the opening wedding party scene has been mixed much lower than the BD track for some reason.

The LD audio track would suggest that the level of the BD is correct.
I like the new color grading honestly, I do miss that golden tint but the more natural look works great too.
Personally I prefer the old transfer used for the BD - color grading and bigger frame size; the actual improvement in resolution in the UHD-BD is almost negligible.
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Yeah, I kind of prefer the 2008 restorations for the first two films as for part 3, I could go either way. Still might support the new version though, it is the first time since the '90s. I think that these films started out with no Paramount logo and had their original logos at the end intact.
Edit: The Paramount BD mono track on part 1 and 2 sound great no down mixing And I think no his reduction just the original mono mix from beginning to end. As for the LD audio I haven't heard it yet but I from word of mouth. It doesn't sound too good for part one and Probably doesn't sound that good for part two either.
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the godfather movies have a lot of indoor natural lighting and that always looks way better in hdr.

eyes wide shut would look amazing in 4k
clue 1985 - meh movie but thats another title that would benefit a lot from hdr
Midnight express as well
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