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Trouble with Subtitles

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Hey, guys!

I recently started working on new subtitles for my Kill Bill project, and I managed to finish the first batch for translation only with yellow, green, and white subs for Vol. 1. I saved it as a .SUP file, made an MKV file, went to go play it on my Reavon player, and they won't show up. If anyone here is familiar with Subtitle Edit, which I used for the subs, can you tell me if I missed a step or should I try something else?

All help is appreciated, thanks!
Does it work in other video players, like MPV or Kodi?
Yes. Works in VLC and MPC-HC.
I had a similar problem once, but in my case the lines would appear only partially or glitched on my TV, while on PC everything played fine.
What solved it (on Subtitle Edit) was making some needlessly long lines shorter (in terms of duration), and increasing the frames gap between them.
I only had a few lines that lasted too long - it was a Star Wars crawl - but they ended/started back-to-backĀ and it threw the whole thing off.
Might be unrelated, but worth a try.
Possibly the hardware player does not play .SUP subs muxed inside an MKV file; even if it's unlikely, though.

I'd try with other MKV files with .SUP subtitles to see if it's the case.
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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