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Spider-Man (2002) 35mm Open Matte

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Recently, I've seen many people on social media praising the look, colors and texture of a 35mm Open Matte reel 4K scan (maybe 2K) of the OG Spider-Man. I already had the rip everyone is sharing because of it, but I'm just wondering if it's just it, or there's an actual raw source video file (since it's just a 6GB file, and files like this are much bigger, like The Matrix 35mm).

Does anyone know (or have) something about it? I'd really like to be guided in the right direction if that's the case, since I'm a big fan of Sam Raimi's Holy Trilogy. 

If not, it could be a really cool project to grade the actual UHD based on this 35mm!
Can I get a hint regarding where to find it? The only copy I can find is one which someone cropped to the theatrical AR.

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