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Underworld (2003) Audio Tracks & Subtitles Needed

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Hey, guys!

I've started work on a theatrical cut restoration for the first Underworld film (sans Rise of the Lycan flashback retcon), and there are a few audio tracks I'd like to include for it.

Now, I already have the English DTS-HD MA 5.1 soundtrack, which was included in the open matte version I acquired. I also have access to the Dolby Digital and original DTS soundtracks via Superbit DVD that I've owned for years and used as a color reference for color work on the project. I'm hoping to get the Dolby Atmos/True-HD 7.1 from the 4K release. I have the recent 4K 5-movie collection, but I don't have a 4K drive for my computer, so I can't rip the movie myself. 

I would also like to include the French and Italian dubs from the recent release and the Japanese dub from either the 2020 or 2016 releases.

And if anyone could provide the English, French, and Italian subtitles, would be appreciated also.

Thank you very much,
If you're trying to be as complete as possible there are Russian and Spanish dubs as well...unless they aren't theatrical or able to be edited to match.
I completely forgot about those dubs. I think I have the Russian and Ukrainian dubs on the one open matte I mentioned. I'll make sure to include those. I'll need the Spanish dub though. Thank you for the reminder, Dire.
Update: I was able to find a 2in1 rip of the recent 4K disc that had most of what I was looking for in it. However, I am still in need of the Japanese dub. If anyone has that, I'd really appreciate it.

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