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Remove Duplicate Frames

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(2015-06-28, 02:19 AM)spoRv Wrote: I think it's easier to use something like:


if this doesn't remove the right duplicate frame, but another one, you could make this:

blk=BlankClip(length=N, width=clip.width, height=clip.height, fps=clip.framerate, color=$000000)

Of course you should give N the right number, to let the proper duplicate frame to be deleted.

Different path to get the same result!

I'm pretty sure TDecimate uses detection, so it will make no difference if you add a series of blank frames to the start of the video. The manual method takes away the detection aspect. This may not be needed in this case, but it is good to know how to do it because sometimes you'll come across sources that are best handled using a manual decimation method instead of relying on software detection.

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