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Muppet Christmas Carol - longer Marley & Marley from syndicated TV version

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On YouTube, there's an extended version of the song Marley & Marley from The Muppet Christmas Carol - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnZVY-ZdTHs

This pretty much matches the version on the OST album: the intro has more of Dickens' original dialogue, and there's the extra “now it's time to part” verse near the end. The video's quality isn't great, and the other versions on YT seem to be reuploads of that same copy.

According to the video description and various wikis, this is from an old syndicated TV version. I don't know if this version had any other changes. Does anyone know where I can find either this extended song or that whole version in better quality?

Trying to search for this version is frustrating because there are a lot of “extended versions” out there which simply reinstate Belle's song “When Love is Gone” to recreate the 90s home video edit. To the best of my knowledge, no official home video version has ever included the extended Marley song, though I'd love to be wrong about that.

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