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The Land Before Time (1988) Stereo mix synced to Blu-ray

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I purchased the first dvd ed. of this film to see if it would have a better sounding mix than its current blu-ray release. On top of that.. i wanted to have the stereo mix instead of a 5.1 remix. I'm glad to say the dvd track sounds amazing compared to the heavily noise reduced 5.1 DTS-HD MA track.

It is this dvd that i'm talking about:

All later dvd releases have 5.1 tracks, including the PAL dvd's.

Let me know if you want to hear it.
Probably no one... but if you're interested, i have also synced the Dutch dub if you'd like to check that out.
Thanks a lot Peanut32! Any and every preservation is commendable!

I don't think I've seen the movie before (might have as a child, but don't really remember it). Your track would sure be an incentive to do so.
Thanks for the effort Peanut. Appreciate it and am very curious to hear it Smile
Is the DVD Stereo track better than the LD's PCM stereo track?
(2022-07-15, 04:11 AM)uVSthem Wrote: Is the DVD Stereo track better than the LD's PCM stereo track?

I couldn't tell you unfortunately, as i dont have the LD track to compare it with. All i know is the difference in quality (NR) between the blu-ray audio and dvd stereo track is quite huge. So that's a win i guess  : )

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