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Easy way to perfectly remove silence from Laserdisc PCM rip?

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Hello. I just started ripping the audio off some laserdiscs that have different and/or better mixes than later releases. I'm ripping the file in one session, and the problem I have is how to stitch the audio together when the laserdisc flips sides.

I'm using Reaper, which is awesome, and I know it has a silence detector, but quite frankly I'm not sure I trust it because it seems to use a gateway threshold and I'd prefer a tool that simply removes all zeros where there's no audio, and merges the PCM data into one file.

Has anyone come up with an easy workflow for this?

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If you capture audio and video, my advice is to load the file into VirtualDub 2, and remove the unwanted frames between side flip; the audio will be subsequently cut perfectly.
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I took a different approach. Instead of needing to remove the silence, I just split the file at the side break and did my work that way. Worked perfectly.

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