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How to fill in gaps from LD audio due to missing frames?

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Howdy. I bit-perfect ripped my Widescreen BttF laserdisc and am currently syncing it with my 4K disc. The problem is that the laserdisc seems to have been created with a 35mm print that had missing frames, most notably at reel changes. For example, there's a reel change when Marty runs into the diner to use the phone. The track is synced up as he's running to it, and then the LD audio becomes out of sync to the length if 1/24th of a second (the length of a frame) when the scene cuts. Another example is the side break on the LD.  This happens a few times, so what is the acceptable way to fill in the gaps? Use the 4K's 5.1 (not Atmos) mix and downconvert it to 2.0 to fill in the gaps?

In the case of BttF, we're talking crickets and background noise, so I don't think this would offend anyone that wants to have perfect LD audio, but I just don't think it's possible.

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All of the btf lds have been synced up already do u have a list of what lds u have

For missing frames on the ld , I usually patch it from the bluray or add a dissolve so it's not noticable , the 4k should be down mixed to 2.0, am not bothered by gaps cause they can be easily edited out anyways
You could patch in the audio with 5.1 downmixed to 2.0, but if it's just a frame or two of background noise you could also just patch in audio from the LD and use a crossfade so it's not noticeable.
I'm using Widescreen 41056 of BttF. I started this project before I found this place, so I didn't know until now that it had been done already. Still, I'm doing this for my own education because I plan on getting some of the discs I stupidly tossed before realizing that there were audio differences from LD to DVD.

I can make a list, but currently I ripped The Mind's Eye and the DTS Gate to the Mind's Eye (perfectly synced with the DVD). I ripped the Widescreen Raiders but haven't worked on it yet. I'll make a list. It's not a lot, but I used to have a ton.
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That's the same disc, also all the Indiana Jones have been done already. Pretty everything has been done at this point lol only ones I can think of to do are a couple of Clint Eastwood ones.
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Does anyone have Body Double (with the blue banner on top)? That one was another movie I tossed before realizing the DVD audio was garbage.
that was on my request list, was sold out on the place another user buys them from
i have the r2 dvd its less dead sounding than the bluray due to the quiet scenes being louder but still sounds a bit shitty
Star Wars (Definitive Collection CAV)
Star Wars Special Edition Box
Star Wars Faces
Raiders of the Lost Ark (Widescreen)
Back to the Future (Widescreen)
The Mind's Eye
Gate to the Mind's Eye (DTS)
The Day the Earth Stood Still (box w/Robert Wise's signature)
Tron CAV box
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Chasing Amy (Criterion)
Star Trek VI (Widescreen)
Scream (DTS)
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (Theatrical)
Goldeneye (DTS)

Like I said, I used to have a lot more, like hundreds, but that was a long time ago.
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chasing amy
scream dts
minds eye movies
day earth stand still
20000 leagues
thx wow

i havent seen anywhere so far

star wars im not sure if anyone tried to sync them with the 4K UHD discs
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Forgot one:

Evil Dead 2 - red laserdisc

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