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Hello Everyone

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Hi Guys

teadrinkersupreme here - long time lurker finally saying hello.

Story time

I was old enough (though too young) to see Evil Dead 2 in the cinema. I saw Return of the Jedi in my local as well - Teen Wolf - Back To The Future - those days.

Main source of movie watching for me though was VHS or tv - VHS was a brand new thang for my home and extremely exciting. Saw Evil Dead this way - and when I went to see Evil Dead 2 I was gutted (lol) at how silly it was. Sorry guys!

OK so I went though a period when older where I decided to collect all the movies I loved - and felt something wasn't right. So long story short did a little reading and found out to my absolute horror about how movies had been changed/compressed/editied/regraded/audio fiddled with etc etc etc. So I collected what I could on LD:

Halloween Criterion
Evil Dead Herald
The Thing
a few others but no time to type

Then in my despair - and I kid not, I was kind of very sad about the situation - I found this site. I actually found that there were people who CARED about things - something I just don't see. Actually CARED about preserving things in their original glory - boy oh boy was I over the moon when I found out that some absolutely mega-lucky guys actually have PRINTS out there! And I lurked for a long time.

SO that's it guys - that's my story. Just reading the site is cathartic for me - it's one the last stands for the way things used to, and should, be with these great movies.

To those preserving - you make my day. To those who have prints - boy am I jealous.

Time for tea.
Glad you like what we are doing here... welcome aboard!
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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(2022-08-29, 03:16 AM)spoRv Wrote: Glad you like what we are doing here... welcome aboard!


Thanks for welcome! Long live the original (and the as-close-as-we-can-get) versions of the movies!

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