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Gate to the Mind's Eye (1994) [Laserdisc DTS sync to DVD]

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I have ripped the DTS from the laserdisc without issues.

The problem is that the audio syncs perfectly with the DVD video if I use a delay of -38000 in mkvtoolnix, but you still hear the last 1s of the old Image Laserdisc logo, but it's faint, and fades out quickly in that 1s.

The DVD had stereo only.

So what's the best thing to do here? Release it as-is with the caveat that you need to set the delay and you have the faint 1s fade-out from the Image logo, or go through the trouble of splitting the DTS into 6 .wav files, remove the fade, and re-encode?

I'm looking at this from a preservation point of view and would like to just release this as-is. What's everyone's thoughts?

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You could mux into an mka with a delay high enough to chop off the logo, then mux with the DVD using a positive delay
Oh interesting. Let me give that a shot. Thanks.

EDIT: That seems to have worked. Now I used a 1000ms delay and it still lines up perfectly. I'll run it through some tests and then release it.
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