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Merge Laserdisc DTS files with side break silence in beginning and end?

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Hello. I finally got my DTS Goldeneye LD replacement, and there are no more problems with the audio. However, I found that the beginning and end of the sides have 1s of silence. When I merge them, I get 2s of silence for each side break. What's the best way to trim this silence from the files while keeping the DTS intact? Is there a tool that detects DTS silence? Thanks.
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I guess there is some tool, but I'm not aware of.
The way I did was to use VirtualDub - with audio AND video - to trim out unwanted frames; DTS, embedded in WAV, was untouched.

If you have audio only, you can make a simple avisynth script with empty video and dub onto it the DTS audio; in that case, it's only a trial&error process - it should be 24 frames on each end, but maybe 23 or 25.
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you can easily edit DTS tracks without decoding using eac3to (or even better the graphic interface: UsEac3to GUI 1.3.3)

%_.dts -edit=0:00:00.000,0ms

If I'm not mistaken there's a thread here on the forum on how to edit DTS-HD MA tracks (works the same) without decoding.
you could just convert into flac 5.1 using megui then put it in an editing program like final cut or davinci resolve and chop it up and line it up to the bluray/4k.
thats what i usually do

some people say "oooh but ur altering the LD with that"

you lose like 00000000.1% of the LD audio at best with no loss in sound quality
I thought of that, but didn't know if that was acceptable. I'll try it.

And after I wrote my initial post, the audio started to mismatch the video. It was in sync for 42 minutes (so it's not a drift problem), and now the audio is ahead of the video, so maybe the Blu has a missing frame or two? frustrating.

@BDGeek - I didn't see your post when I first wrote my reply to ac3. I'll try that too. I'd prefer to keep the DTS intact.

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