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Computer Hardware Questions

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Wow - that'd be ideal. If I had both 16gb in there, would that be pretty much top speed on anything? Basically I could do encodings and things pretty quickly, right - that's the determining factor?
16gb should do, but it never hurts to have more.
OK, sorry for necroposting.

Had some stuff come up, and couldn't get a computer back in June. However, I'm now on the hunt again. After some research I still think I want to go with Toshiba, keeping the budget under $1000, and wondering what specs to look for. i7? AMD? Does processor speed really matter, or is it the RAM that dictates program speed? Also, I definitely need at least 1080p, right? What about RAM? Anything in particular I should be looking for there? If I get one that has fixed (non-upgradeable) is 8 enough or do I want 12 or 16?

Thanks again in advance!
Sorry for the late reply, I forgot about this thread. :C

If your primary use would be video editing and other demanding tasks like this, a custom-built desktop PC will always be the best choice, as it would offer more power in the same price segment.

If you need a laptop, i7, 8GB RAM (you should extend to 16) and a decent Nvidia/ATI GPU (not integrated!) is the only real option. You'd probably be looking for something like this:


(I don't have that laptop, but the specifications look decent enough)
For what that laptop is priced at, this a very nice machine. Thanx for posting the link Feallan.
(2015-11-01, 08:53 PM)ww12345 Wrote: OK, sorry for necroposting.

... Does processor speed really matter, or is it the RAM that dictates program speed? Also, I definitely need at least 1080p, right? What about RAM?....

Both is important. As you may guess Processor (CPU and GPU) Speed is the point that limits the speed of calculations, while big memory capacity let load bigger workspace chunks into fast access memory.

When you want to use a scripted batches video processing, like conversion Codec via handbrake, it uses more processor speed, while in Video editing, you need more RAM to preload the parts you are editing.
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