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DCPrips: any interest?

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A kind member can provide some DCPs to use as source for new projects; these are all recent titles; some had theatrical release, others only web; they are all 2K.

In some cases, there are corresponding UHD versions that are better, so frankly I don't see much point in those; but there are others where UHD are simply upscaled version, with DCP that may be in some cases better when upscaled; and, when only HD versions exist, usually DCP is better.

I wonder, is there any interest? What I was thinking was to release them encoded in AV1, to get the best version with the (relative) lowest bitrate.
What about resolution? Would you like to get true 2K, hence 2048x858 or 1998x1080, or downscaled to HD?
8 bit or 10 bit? SDR or HDR? I'm aware that DCPs are SDR, but upscaled version could benefit, if not of true HDR, at least of wide color gamut.

Before you ask: quite obviously I'm not allowed to share untouched DCPs.

Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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I'd be interested in the audio tracks if they are indeed legit.
i would be down for this. specially to see how the quality compares to Blu rays.

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