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γεια σας και πάλι φίλοι μου !

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... which means "hello again my friends" in Greek.
Yes ... BronzeTitan has been resurrected to Fanres!

First, a BIG THANK YOU to spoRv for cleaning house here at Fanres and restoring it back into a healthy forum of inquiry, investigation, and suggestion.

Second, Fanres is now, again, without the defensive personality cliques of those other forums, which are proud of their "banned members" numbers. For example, OriginalTrilogy boasts "8,261 Banned Members" as of this entry (up 20 more bans in just a few days!). Well deserved is that forum's icon -- the evil Empire's Deathstar.

Next, to all those who were "banned" from here under the previous administration, not by spoRv, it is my wish to have those banned come back with their integrity intact. spoRv graciously "un-banned" everyone who suffered under those administrator & moderators. Also, we should welcome back those admin / mods as fellow forum members. This is a forum of ideas and projects, for everyone to suggest and experiment and exemplify and, yes, criticize.

Finally, under the previous administrator, those who suggested projects with the hope of following through, or having some else follow through, had all of them thrown into the "forum garbage pail". That was an uncalled-for inexcusable insult. We must immediately have those projects & ideas moved out of the garbage and put back into their original, rightful places in Fanres ... with an apology to the original author(s) in the beginning of each restored thread! I know spoRv will do the right thing ... now that he can (he, too, was a victim here, his own website).
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"The gods want their entertainment.  The gods of Greece are
cruel!  In time all men shall learn to live without them."
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Thanks BronzeTitan, and happy to have you here again! Ok

No need for comments, you said it all.

About putting back threads where they should be: please list them with URLs, and I'll manage to do in the first days of next years - I must leave for a while, so I'll do it the moment I'll be back, promise!
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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fanres:Me and a couple others just synced over 250 audio tracks , probably more than u have on ur site, you are getting our files that are used on your projects and give me no credit for my hard work
may we have access to your remaining files?
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