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Jingle All the Way (1996) - Restored & Regraded [Theatrical & Director's Cut]

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Merry Christmas everyone!

A special (slightly) early Christmas present for you all. Jingle All the Way put together for the best possible viewing experience we can get. I have combined the 2015 Blu-ray with the 2022 4K Disney Plus web stream.

No recent home media release of Jingle All the Way is especially good, the best release was probably the DVD, which definitely shows its age by today's standards. The Blu-ray's aspect ratio is wrong in both the Theatrical and Director's Cut, and it even shifts throughout the film in the Director's Cut. The colours are really cold and lack any contrast with a very washed out presentation. On the flip-side, the Disney Plus web stream has the correct aspect ratio, a colour palette that more closely resembles the DVD (with a big green push) however the saturation, contrast, etc. are cranked up so much that it looks like vomit. A lot of details, especially darker and brighter sections are crushed to all hell and look a lot worse than the Blu-ray even with the higher resolution and cleaner transfer.

So what I've done is combine the Blu-ray transfer's video and 4K transfer's colours, pinching any shots from the 4K video that was salvageable and regraded for consistency in colours, contrast, etc. The Director's Cut scenes are sourced from the Blu-ray, with the aspect ratio fixed and colours regraded to match the rest of the transfer. The audio that is provided is from the Blu-ray.

  • Regrading of the film, not just scene to scene but in some cases shot to shot in order to restore the film to something closer to previous releases
  • Fixed 2015 Blu-ray transfer's aspect ratio
  • Inserting and regrading of Director's Cut scenes to match the rest of the film
  • Fixed a minor visual glitch only present in the 2015 Blu-ray Director's Cut using the 2015 Blu-ray Theatrical Cut.


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I grabbed this awhile back and just wanted to express my thanks. Looks so much better and I really enjoyed it.
Thanks for the feedback Smile
Thanks for this project, Kreeep! Ok
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog

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