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Highlander US Theatrical Cut LD Audio

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Hey, everyone!

After recently getting my hands on the StudioCanal Collector's Edition set of Highlander, I've been wanting to work on a reconstruction project for the US Theatrical Cut. I'm in need of the 4.1 sound mix from either this or this LD release, doesn't matter if it's either the digital or analog tracks.

If anyone can provide, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
I was able to acquire two stereo from stwd4nder2 recently, and am very grateful for his contribution. I will be using those for a preservation of the HBO Max print of the theatrical cut (the audio track for it is horrendous).

Now, I am looking for the French Warner Home Video laserdisc track, as I'd like to take a crack at reconstructing and preserving the French Theatrical Cut. If anyone has it, I'd be most appreciative if you send it my way.

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