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12 Angry Men (1957) Criterion BD Synced to Kino UHD

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I originally posted this elsewhere on 2023-06-10

Spectrograms show that Kino's mono track is identical or very similar to the German MGM BD, which makes sense, considering MGM likely supplied the audio.

Per Blah-ray, the German BD has additional filtering on top of Criterion BD, and Criterion is the least terrible of the bunch.

Although they both sound bad, I can say there is still an audible difference between the two tracks, especially in ambient sound like the constant rain outside. The rain actually sounds very different, e.g. around 1:04:45 (UHD timestamp), with Kino sounding muffled and lifeless in comparison to Criterion.

Notes on the sync:
  • Criterion BD is presented in 23.976 fps, while Kino UHD is 24 fps. I've sped up Criterion's audio to 24 fps.
  • Criterion opens and closes with the MGM lion. Kino opens with United Artist logo instead. Well, I had to let go of that lion roar Smile
  • Criterion missed a frame in the middle of a shot (how??), between frames #102216, 102217. This is BD timestamps 1:11:03.259-1:11:03.301, or UHD timestamps 1:10:49.467-1:11:49.509.
  • After accounting for the above, Criterion and Kino's A/V syncs still diverge very often, sometimes by up to 50-90ms. I've tried to compare them, but I found myself to be fairly tolerant of A/V desyncs. So, for simplicity, I've mostly kept to Criterion's sync seeing how nobody has complained in the >10 years since their BD came out.

Input: PCM, mono, 1152 kbps, 48 kHz, 24 bits
Output: FLAC (compression level 5), mono, 657 kbps, 48 kHz, 24 bits

PM me for a link. Enjoy!

[Image: PMLyOniHrRG3nyansZSwJxghltbxsC_small.jpg]

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