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Transformers (2007) UAR

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Transformers is available on UHD-BD; sadly, it's just an upscale, and its frame size is smaller than regular BD, and color grading is a bit different; I found out that it's possible to make an UAR version that has always a bit more on top and bottom, and sometimes on one side too.

Not that the difference is staggering, still the UAR has always bigger frame size, that could add up to 6% more image (not bad to me!) - and I like the BD grading more than UHD-BD - and its slight inkier blacks; the final version will use three different sources (BD, HD-DVD and HDTV) to squeeze a bit more details (possibly even better than upscaled UHD-BD), and it will be HDR-10; thinking to use the Cinema DTS, if its mix is different than BD lossless track; of course there will be special optional subtitles that will mask the added top/bottom "slices", for the ones who prefer classic letterbox aspect ratio - and even in that case frame size will be always bigger than UHD-BD.

two examples - top UHD-BD, bottom UAR:

[Image: kGUPwZ0r.png]
[Image: zVob8cqD.png]
[Image: D0K4b4vr.png]
[Image: YsUekLCg.png]

all test comparisons:


What do you think?
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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Jason here from The Fanedit Network. This looks fantastic!!!
Managed to use three sources (BD, HD-DVD and HDTV), cleaned and sharpened, and result is way better than untouched BD; color "splotches" are gone, and there are a bit more details; I still think UAR colors are much better than UHD-BD - what do you think?

top UHD-BD, bottom UAR using three sources:

[Image: Transformers-2007-043401-UHD-BD.png]
[Image: Transformers-2007-043401-UAR-3x-Sources.png]
To see better the differences, take a look at these comparisons:
BD EU vs UAR 3x sources: https://slow.pics/c/XvGTYUZq
UHD-BD vs UAR 3x sources: https://slow.pics/c/sgO90CDD
MergeHdUp™ - how to merge several sources to get more details and retain natural resized image, instead of plastic-y results of AI upscale
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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Last update here (along with a long and boring article - jump to the end to see the pics!): Get HDR highlights from SDR!

A short AV1 HDR 7s clip without audio, merging UAR frame size and colors with UHD definition and highlights

If you may display it in HDR , it would be nice to have feedbacks about HDR and colors.
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog

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