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Hello, I am very much into this sort of thing. Of course I am looking to download various films but I am amazed by the vastness of the amount of projects on this site. Some great films here that I've struggled to find anywhere else! If it is allowed if there's any direction on how to download these projects (as I'm sure many ask often) then I'd appreciate the help. Anyway, thanks for reading if you do. Excited to watch some of these after extremely long downloads with my horrendous internet.
Also for someone like me who doesn't use sites like this often, it's all VERY confusing haha. How do I even PM someone? I know how dumb that sounds lol.

PM is allowed after you post a bit - 5 posts IIRC. And if you don't like the layout, you can always change another one into your settings.
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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