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The Last of the Mohicans - Original Theatrical Cut - BD-50 - Shadoe
(2020-07-06, 07:57 PM)PDB Wrote: Does anyone know if this is an accurate summary of the difference in the cuts:

That's an accurate summary of the difference between those two cuts (the ones found on the French and Australian BDs). It's not commonly known, but there are five documented cuts of the film in total.  There's a write-up on  The LD PCM will require editing (beyond the normal syncing) to fit either of the BDs.

Jerry's version is pretty awesome given the materials that he had.    Even now, we'd need to wait for a UHD BD to improve on it significantly in terms of video quality.
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I have the australian version and the PCM track for the TC (the only cut that matters to me) is amazing!
It reminded me very much of the attributes of LD PCM tracks.

PQ though is very rough and as it's been said, inferior to the french version.
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(2020-07-06, 10:20 PM)BDgeek Wrote: I have the austrailan version and the PCM track for the TC (the only cut that matter for me) is amazing!
It reminded me very much of the attributes of LD PCM tracks.

Interesting. Maybe the 2.0's better than I first thought. Obviously, it's not the remix with the altered sound effects that appeared with the R1 DVD.

I added a bitrate comparison to post#39. The graph for the AUS BD was taken from caps-a-holic.
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Yeah, I had the R4 NTSC Warner Brazilian DVD. Obviously, I couldn't do a direct comparison (as I no longer own the DVD), but that mix was very week.

If there's any interest on this PCM track, just reach me by PM.
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(2020-07-07, 02:44 AM)BDgeek Wrote: Yeah, I had the R4 NTSC Warner Brazilizan DVD. Obviously, I couldn't do a direct comparison (as I no longer own the DVD), but that mix was very week.

Agreed.  That disc was my go-to for a while.  The problem that I've always had with the audio that accompanies the Warner transfer (regardless of release) is that is sounds echoey at times, especially during Hawkeye's conversation with Cora at the burial ground at night (about 30mins in).

Quote:If there's any interest on this PCM track, just reach me by PM.

Thanks for the PM!  I've added the spectrogram of the AUS PCM track to #post39.  To my surprise, it looks rather different from the DTS-HD MA 2.0 on the FR BD.  Maybe that's why we had such different impressions of the 2.0 track...  Fidelity on the PCM track seems better.  Fans of this film are advised to PM BDgeek while the track's still up!  It sounds like the PCM is in sync with the French disc, so a franken mux should be doable.

EDIT:  Despite the fact that the highlights on discs based on the Warner master look blown out in a few shots, I don't think there's much of an issue.  The FR BD is very well encoded and is careful to keep spikes within the TV range.  Only with cannon flashes or torches is there occasionally a slight loss of detail compared to the DDC BD, and I think it's a limitation of the old master.

[Image: lotm-cannon.png]
Thanks given by: BDgeek

This comparison is interesting.  I note that whoever made the video calls the R2/4 video the "supposed theatrical cut"; it seems that someone else out there has his doubts about that...

A few highlights (among many subtle differences) to watch out for:
06:53 different footage in French LD
07:00 added dialog in French LD
09:18 The French LD has the extra shots of the film that cropped up in the R1 DEE!  That makes it the sixth known cut of the film.
12:04 The added dialog about the French.  This is one of the sections that proves that the US LD differs from the R2/4 cut and that at least one of them is not the theatrical cut.
13:30 Again, the FR LD has the added dialog otherwise found only on the R1 DEE.
15:07 Only the DEE has the end of the scene.
15:43 "
16:32 The FR LD is the only video transfer I know without burnt-in subtitles, proving that some prints lacked them.
17:00 Additional shot in French LD.
Thanks given by: PDB , applesandrice
@PDB How's this for an initial global adjustment of the DDC?

Above: DDC
Below: AviSynth+: ColorYUV(off_u=+4, off_v=-2,gamma_y=65,levels="TV")

[Image: lotm1.png]

[Image: lotm2.png]

[Image: lotm3.png]

[Image: lotm4.png]

[Image: lotm5.png]

[Image: lotm6.png]
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Looks great Chew especially for that last shot alone. You can actually see someone. Smile
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