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Zombi (1978) the True Italian Cut

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I noticed that the cut known as the Italian or European cut released on Blu-ray has the end credits in... English?????

We should remember that this was an Italian-produced film, first released in 1978 in Italy with a Dario Argento cut. The American cut is George Romero's and is called "Dawn of the Dead" and it was released in 1979. This film was released earlier in Italy, how is it possible that both the Italian and the American versions have English end credits?

In my opinion, the English end credits on the Italian cut of the Blu-ray are quite possibly FAKE, but I would like to confirm this.

I don't know if I could recreate the original end credits if I have a real Italian cut as reference. The credits of the Romero cut appear over images of the film, while those of the supposed Italian cut have a black background. Here you can see it, go to the end credits:

Zombi (1978) with the Titanus logo at the begining, Italian opening credits but English end credits (with English audio);

Zombi (1978) without the Titanus logo at the begining (cut by the person who uploaded the video to youtube), Italian opening credits but…. English end credits (with Italian audio)

A German VHS copy with the opening credits in German but they are also in English at the end, but they are different. They are the same as those on the Romero’s cut:

Does anyone around here happen to have a DVD, Laserdisc, VHS, Beta, TV recording, 8mm, 16mm, 35mm print or whatever of the Italian version of this film (the first to be released in the world)?
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hello of this film I do not know version distributed in laserdisc (Italian version)

The project is very interesting, I think you should look at someone who owns an acquired vhs , or some super 8 if it exists to see if it has Italian titles.

The project is very interesting

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