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Top Gun / Open-matte / 1080p / Multiaudio-multisubs / BD project
On the contrary, I took a rip, it was made from the capture of the Amazon video, at that time it was not possible to download the original, but I wanted to have the film.
And now the opportunity appeared and I decided to get the source of the broadcast.
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Having now looked at the full Amazon Web-dl noticed that both the beginning Top Gun explanation caption as well as the location captions are foreign and hard coded subs. Have managed to replace the caption at the beginning using the 3d bluray using videoredo (and synced it to the English Dts and subtitles from the 10mb,s cap by adding 8 frames of black to the start) as the black borders are not easily noticeable against the black blackground but the location captions will need someone who is more skilled in masking out the foreign ones and superimposing the original burnt in English ones from the 3d bluray.
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A pair of inscriptions does not matter, here with the Japanese amazon is much worse, there's the whole movie with non-switchable subtitles

 The Siege / 1998
Blu-ray vs WEB-DL Amazon JAP vs Online

[Image: stav1.png][Image: mashiyaruro_Zi_Mu_Ban_B00_G20_A0_ZM031051.png][Image: Osada_199831071.png]
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Think I may still insert the location captions with black borders until someone with more skills in masking and grain / colour matching takes on the job. Again, maksnew, can't thank you enough for the untouched web-dl, never thought I'd get to see Top Gun fully Open Matte in such quality.
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I think that Amazon JAP looks better than Online actually, check out preserved details. Could just mask over the hardcoded subtitles with the Online copy and maybe Bluray for ultimate remaster Smile
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Lately I've used both Korean (with hardsubs) and Russian sources for my A:C IMAX, to get an higher quality than single source; the hardsubs in the Korean source were replaced with the Russian "patched" in, so the result is, let's say, 95% 50/50 and 5% just Russian, but it was seamless; more, adding the real 35mm grain plate helped even more to increase perceived details.

So, I'd say this: if the sources could be compared, quality wise, it's better to merge them and add a grain plate, because result is almost always better (very often noticeably) than the single source.
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Just realised the location caption segments are zoomed in from the widescreen ratio to remove the English hardcoded captions so they could add the foreign captions. Replaced these with the 3d bluray with 2:40 ratio black borders and they show much more info left and right and blend in with the open matte ratio pretty well, just wish I was capable of colour correcting them to the Amazon to make them perfect.

Also, the web-dl is missing the yellow filter look of the 3d bluray which is a major plus. Color timing looks alot better due to this,
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(2017-09-12, 03:49 PM)Colek Wrote: Could just mask over the hardcoded subtitles with the Online copy and maybe Bluray for ultimate remaster Smile

So I'll do it)
Thanks given by: Colek

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