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Top Gun / Open-matte / 1080p / Multiaudio-multisubs / BD project

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Yea, the color grading was my second gripe, although I find the WEB-DL better than the 3d bluray which is more yellow and blown out. The first was the Bluray not been Open Matte (can't stand the 2.35:1 ratio on this movie, crops way to much top and bottom and even the 2.00:1 laserdisc /original dvd was a compromise) which the WEB-DL has thankfully fixed.
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I agree that the release formats (except the full screen DVD) are all too cropped. Honestly, in the aerial shots, even the 16x9 ratio is slightly too cropped in some cases and IMHO this film would look best with a 1.66 ratio in those cases, but that was never the aim of my project. I'm still sticking with 16x9.

What blows my mind though, more than anything, is the fact that my French film 720p capture (even after it's upscaled to 1008p) provides MORE details in so much of the film. Like I said 35-40% of the film looks better there, rather than the 14.0mbps 1080p German AMAZN lame encode I have. The bitrate of the 720p French film capture is 10.2mbps and might be why it's still a viable source. It upscaled via superresolution EXTREMELY well.

However, there is some slight frame warping on the left side of the screen for the French film HDTV capture and I wonder if anyone here knows of a way I can fix this warping when aligned to frames from the open-matte capture (probably AFTER I color correct it) ANY SUGGESTIONS here would help. Yes, I could use the frames as-is and most people would never notice the difference, but once you see it, you can't un-see it... LOL and I can't un-see it, so if possible I would like to fix that issue...
Jerry, even if you will stick with 16:9 version, why don't you think about a side project in UAR?

(for your reference, Hybrid Vs UAR - a simple guide)
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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Jerry, are you going to use the 3d bluray (outside of the bits with black border at side ) to overlay the hdtv / web-dl's to help improve the grain structure in the center of the picture.
There's a new 4K restoration on Blu-Ray and UHD BD that you can use for this project.

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