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[IDEA] Doctor Who The Star Beast Edit

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Just an idea currently. But when the Blu-Rays of the 60th anniversary specials release, I am interested in making an edit of the first episode. Why?


I liked the stuff with Rose at first, e.g., the kitchen scene, the "dead-naming" moment. This all felt very real, natural, and like good accurate representation. I liked them showing the negative parts of a person being transgender, as we still live in a society that is often not accepting of this. But I did find some of her delivery to be awkward and some later decisions in the story felt really unnatural and bizarre. I think this will be a minor edit, especially with my lack of experience in this sort of thing.

Some changes I have in mind:

-Asking for Beep the Meep's pronouns: I plan to keep this line in, but I'd like to remove the really awkward delivery from Yasmin Finney of "You're assuming 'he' as a pronoun?" I don't mind the Doctor asking for Beep's pronouns. In fact, I find this scene quite funny. But I just found that one line so... awkward? Like The Doctor needs to be schooled on this sorta thing? Cepaldi's Doctor already established their fluidity on gender and the sort. It just felt odd to me personally.
-The bizarre conclusion: I don't think I have the abilities for this, but I am considering messing around with the "binary, nonbinary" bit. I love the explanation of the Meta-Crisis going into Rose, but I do find it really bizarre with how they kinda use this as a reason FOR Rose being transgender? I've spoken to various people on this issue and gotten the opinions of transgender people too because I hate to talk on these topics without it applying to me directly, and it's been agreed mostly so far that this was a really weird part. Some people argue though that it's more binary, nonbinary in like the mathematical sense? That Rose, like, balances it out? I'd like some other opinions on this too, but I'm not sure if there's much I can do about it.
-Awful dialogue during the ending: I think this is the easiest to argue. Whether you think of, "it's a shame you're not a woman anymore. She'd understand." Or you think of, "something a male-presenting Time Lord could never understand." These dialogue choices are not only awfully written, but are unnatural and just a really bad conclusion to not only this episode but a plot thread going on like 15 years now. I'm considering cutting most of this section off completely, and just ending it on letting Beep the Meep go and ending the scene. But how then do we explain how Donna and Rose are okay? Does the Meta Crisis balance itself out between them? This needs a lot of thought. Nevermind how these lines were quite distasteful to be aired during Men's Mental Health month, they just are simply not a good conclusion for the story.

Overall, most of the episode can stay the same in my opinion. I hope no one takes this as really awfully just bashing any sign of anything LGBTQ in the episode, I have no issue with good representation at all. For example, Bill in Series 10. I just found these aspects of the story started off great, and really faltered as it went on. Damaging enjoyment for many. But there is still a really good story here, and what should be an amazing episode. Again, I have went to various groups of people for opinions on this, and I think it speaks for itself with the response from a lot of fans that there are a lot of really unsatisfying moments in this episode, and some really poor dialogue.

On quality, I am deciding whether to use the Blu-Ray when it releases, or one of the 4KHDR webrips. I plan to use the 5.1 soundtrack from the Blu-Ray, and if it is not included, also add the stereo soundtrack from iPlayer. I can always make it for both the Blu-Ray and the 4KHDR versions, which although they are streaming quality, I am sure some will enjoy. I find it quite frustrating that we are only getting these episodes in 4KHDR on streaming platforms instead of a 4K Blu-Ray release.

Is anyone interested in this? I might end up being too busy when the time comes around, and I am inexperienced in making fanedits. But this is an idea that I have been toying around with for a few days. I don't see it necessary for Wild Blue Yonder, and most likely not for the next episode. I absolutely LOVED Wild Blue Yonder, a 10/10 from me. But I'll consider doing a similar thing with the soundtracks with a 4KHDR webrip if that interests anyone. But yeah, that's my current idea for this episode.

Anything you disagree with, or would also like to see cut or played about with? I can only do so much but I'm open to ideas!

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