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Does anybody know where I can find old wcbs-2 news broadcasts?
I posted this in a while ago, but since this forum is more for general preservation, I decided to check if any of you know the answer to my question.

Quote:I am looking for a specific wcbs news broadcast from 1995, and I don't know where to look. I knew that it's possible that some of you have a copy of this specific broadcast, but it is unlikely. I know not the month, nor the day, nor the hour, but I can tell you the subject matter. It involved baby security in a hospital. As you might have guessed, the content of this news broadcast is personal to me. I once had a decent recording of it, but 7-year-old me thought that it needed more sports and other nonsense, and partially wiped the recording. Recently, I tried their website but it was broken. I then called them, but after a long line of redirecting, there were only broadcasts from a couple years ago.

I know the chances of this specific broadcast surviving are nil, but if one of you can find it, I will be very grateful.
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