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Datasat Digital Sound
The cinema version of DTS-ES was not a separate format like the 6 and 8 channel variants were. DTS-ES was encoded into the standard 5 channel DTS APT-X100 format. It would have required an external decoder unit to decode the Center Back channel from the standard stereo surrounds, just like a matrixed 6.1 DTS-ES or Dolby Digital EX for home formats. This of course means that the surround channels encode 4 channels into two, three surround channels plus the LFE.

When working with DTS-ES cinema titles, the ideal would be to simply encode the finished audio as 5.1 with a matrixed center back channel, meaning either a matrixed 6.1 DTS-ES (or DTSHD-MA) or DDEX. Your AVR will decode the back center channel just like the cinema processor would.
Thanks given by: nafroe

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