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Converting VC-1 to AVI

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I've been using Adobe's Media Encoder to change my H.264 files to AVI (Lag or Magic) just fine. But I notice when it comes to VC-1, I seem to be gaining about 3 second inexplicably. That's enough to cause all sorts of sync errors. So does anyone know another (better) way to convert VC-1 to AVI? I tried Vdub and it didn't like VC-1 either.

Also I can't get TSMuxer to accept VC-1 when I was trying to convert my MKV to a TS, anyone else have this problem?
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I noticed a similar issue when transcoding VC-1 to AVI (lagarith) when using Sony Vegas.
My TSmuxer (both old and "new" version) also didn't wanna recognize it in many mkv files I've had.

This has something to do with it being a proprietery microsh*t video codec. I've often had problems with editing applications recognizing the correct frame rate when transcoding (which is where the time descrepancy comes into play) and this can rsult in incorrect length and/or frame blending.

So far, the only app that I have been able to use to transcode a VC-1 properly is the Video Enhancer app used for the SuperResolution upscaling (although you can pass a video through without any active plugins) This app has also helped me with a couple of troublesome AVC files that crashed Vegas every time.

There are a couple extra details but (to respect forum rules) we would need a PM sessionWink
The video enhancer app is just a virtualdub front-end, no? I just use avisynth and FFMpegSource2 to load the video. Something like this:


You can then load the .avs file into your AVI encoder.
I used an avs script to load a VC-1 m2ts into vdub, when I converted Superman Returns to lagarith for editing.
Didn't realize that I could use a sript to load VC-1 in vdub. I always tried it direct and got the message about asf format not being supported because it's proprietery.

Guess you learn something new everydaySmile
Thanks guys, Doombot gave me some advice also. Still trying to get this working.
(2015-07-16, 06:37 PM)PDB Wrote: Thanks guys, Doombot gave me some advice also. Still trying to get this working.
I used the method here:
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It's amazing how many different methods there are to reach the "same destination."

One of the things I love about this forum is how each persons experiences are creating a "database" of knowledge here for the "noobs."

Good luck with your fileWink
I ended up trying, ffinputdriver which allows me to load VC-1 encoded footage into vdub which then I convert to AVI. Anyone try this before?

Also I was using MKVextract to demux my VC-1 MKV which apparently caused addtional trouble. So with advice from Doombot, I used eac3to which demuxed the MKV much better.

I think that created a new AVI in sync with the audio. Unfortunately, I now have to cut it up and copy my color grades over from the bad AVI. Sigh. I hate VC-1
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Okay so I just ran into a similar issue. This is what happened when I loaded a VC-1 file remuxed into .mkv from the .mpls file using mkvtoolnix_gui v8.2:

[Image: TeK7Lzo.jpg]

That is frame 20 from the file - the first 20 frames are grey instead of black and then there are a couple of macroblock frames like that one. It also happens again later in the file. Yet if I instead use makemkv_beta it loads flawlessly (no grey frames). Note the grey frames happen both in avisynth and vlc media player, but not in MPC-HC. So my suggestion is to use makemkv_beta instead of mkvtoolnix to remux VC-1 content.
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