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The Revenant Trailer

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Just watched the trailer for The Revenant and got to say it looks really good.

Not a particular fan of Alejandro González Iñárritu or Leonardo DiCaprio (I do like Hardy). I am a fan of westerns or specifically in this case mountain men movies or just survival movies in general. So I really like that aspect.

What I'm really excited about and what I was waiting for; is this is the first movie production to use Arri Alexa 65. Unlike previous Arri cameras (or Red, Sony, what have you) that have Super 35 size sensor (something less then the 4 perfs used in anamorphic film), this camera's sensor is the size of 65/70mm film (6560 x 3102, 14 stops). So you can use spherical lens to capture a giant scope-ish picture without the cropping the top and bottom like in S35 sensors. In the hands of the seriously great cinematographer, Emmanuel Lubezki , it looks just great:

[Image: rev.jpg]

I love the panning around, it gives me a Cinerama feel. And the camera doesn't seem to be a slouch using low light. I'm still a film devotee and I can't wait to see Quentin Tarantino's (who I'm not a super fan of either) answer to this, in the Hateful Eight. He is using real 65/70mm film with an anamorphic lens. I can't wait to see both through technical eyes, I just hope the movies' stories are there too.
Looks like a good one! Judging by the trailer, this certainly looks like a film to watch on the big screen to fully appreciate each shot.
Those screens look incredible. If for nothing else, looking forward to seeing this for the cinematography.

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