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Pokemon The First Movie-US Theatrical Version HD Reconstruction

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I Am in the Progress of doing an HD Reconstruction of the US Theatrical version of Pokemon The First Movie; As according to the WB DVD Release. It is the only release that i know of that includes the Film as it was presented Theatrically, Having Pikachu's Vacation before the Film. However, that DVD is in 4:3 Full screen and not in the proper Widescreen aspect ratio. The US Blu-Ray from Viz has the proper aspect ratio for the Movie, but it does not have the Short Anywhere on it. Due to this, and the fact that no one has attempted to do this to my knowledge, I decided to do it myself. This Reconstriction is for Fans who want to see The Movie as close to the Way they saw it originally in theatres as possible

Main Sources for this Project
-2000 Warner Bros. DVD Release (For Referencing purposes)
-2018 Viz Media Pokemon The Movies 1-3 Collection Blu-Ray Reissue (Main Feature)
-HD Version of Pikachu's Vacation

The Current Version I have done is in a rough state and will be the Foundation for the final version. It Roughly follows the DVD Release, Having the Short at the Start and then The Main Feature; With the Short itself being taken from the DVD Release. This is just a placeholder and the final version will have an HD Version of Pikachu's Vacation to match the rest of the Movie. The Short was Animated in 4:3, and i theorize it was Cropped theatrically in it's run. I Did experiment with that in this version, and I was not a fan of it so the final version will have the short presented in 4:3. 

As i want this to be presented in HD, That means the Kids WB, Nintendo and 4Kids Logos at the start of the Short and the main feature will be replaced with the period-appropriate WB Logo; It does take away somewhat the purpose of this project but I don't want to mess with any upscaling of SD Footage. And for Some strange reason, the Credits during the Opening Pokemon Battle were Missing on Viz's release despite the end credits remaining intact so those will be recreated from Scratch. 

As this Does Reconstruct the USTC, The Uncut Story of Mewtwo's Origin will not be included in this so keep that in mind.
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