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Akira (1988) · Trailer 4K · 35mm Scan

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Screenshots (full quality):

You can get a copy by going to the YouTube description or asking me for it by PM.

I am pleased to share with you this trailer of Akira, scanned in 35mm by @gordoslair, he donated this scan to us for the preservation meta-project that we have been working on for many months, which is part of the thousands of surprises that They are coming soon, we are working hard to obtain all the available material, to make a definitive version, which will end up being shared with everyone.

If you have home media, reels or TV recordings, write to me.

It would be great to open a discussion about this scan and the known home versions, cheer up.

These images are compressed to upload them to this platform, see the images with the highest quality in the links above.

[Image: d0b25ac7-ecb3-4238-909f-1e2c3eada1f9]

[Image: 45e0ce87-03de-4c66-8d0e-cbc2960eb833]

[Image: 345e6b4d-b189-4dd3-b093-ee6217f2f654]

[Image: c6a8ff07-ef60-44dc-b43e-d6d4d8c595ee]
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