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File Hosting
At present, I use It's good because there are no captcha codes for the downloader, but the upload speed isn't great. It takes me ages to upload a BD-50.

Can anyone recommend a (free) alternative that might be quicker?
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I get great download and pretty decent upload speed with MEGA, but only if I use their megasync app. I noticed that if you are using the web interface, it can be pretty to slow to upload. Maybe you should try that sync appWink
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Thanks. I'll give that a try. Smile
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Let us know if it helps as I'm curious if this is a "solution" just for me or everyoneWink
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Same here, the app installed gives much better results. I've been using that for along time now. Before that, i had alot of problems with uploads and downloads.

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Yeah, I started using that app when it was still in beta because the upload/download connections were not stable using the web interface. It also makes downloading from others on MEGA, by way of importing, very easy and much faster. Also, I rather like the auto-sync feature and having my cloud accessible in windows explorer.
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