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Брат / Brother (1997) - Custom Bluray with actual HD print
Hello guys,

Because I am waiting for the Bluray release of First Strike for now to proceed with my project, I took on my workshop Брат, Aleksey Balabanov's movie, a Russian cult film. The movie has never gotten actual HD release, no Bluray, no HDTV and many fake upscales labeled as HDDVD on internet.

Luckily, I managed to snatch a 1080p transfer of it, and quality is outstanding when we compare it to two DVD transfers.

Early DVD release:
2003 Remaster:

I didn't do anything with movie yet, this is raw quality I have there. I need to take care of that big red tint that can be noticed (any suggestions how?), run it through some filters (suggestions?), sync it to DTS audio from DVD (which I am unable to aquire ANYWHERE, but I know it exists).
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are you willing to share the raw file?
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The problem is I am in process of 'ripping' it and I am having big problems right now with this Tongue The 'raw' file isn't really raw as you may have understood, it's just not-filtered raw rip from the source.

If I manage to get it ripped properly, I can share the files with you, as long as you won't take my project Big Grin

I have also managed to get my hands on copy of DVD release with DTS audio Smile
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Ok, that makes sense.

Side-note: Jesli moge sie spytac, skad pochodzi zrodlo tego nagrania i czy potrzebujesz pomocy, bo piszesz ze masz problemy... Mozesz odpowiedziec tutaj albo wyslij mi PM.

.... I know, I know... English only and all of that... LOL Tongue
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They finally released HD transfers of both Brother and Brother 2 in Full HD on Russian iTunes, which is impressive considering that sequel was always only available in horrible DVD transfer. Guess I am back at this project! Smile
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Quick color correction using DrDre's tool for one small scene

Reference (Polish HDTV):
Other transfers:

I decided to choose HDTV, because in my opinion, it has the best colors. I would want to hear your opinions though. I think DVB also has pretty nice ones, but maybe a bit too bright.
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Out of those sources TVP1 color looks best IMO.
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Comparsion between original WEB-DL and filtered + color corrected one.
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Guess that's final. I applied less grain to it, because it seemed like overkill.
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