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Hello from Orangecow.org

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I see some familiar names here, and in the past few days two friends of mine have asked me to join this forum and say hello, so here we go.
I'm Garrett, known at some sites as Ocpmovie or Tygerbug. I am a professional artist, writer and filmmaker, and I've been doing film restoration and fanediting as a hobby (and sometimes professionally) since the 90s. You may have seen some of my projects.
I have put out more DVD and web restorations of rare material than I can count or keep track of. It's in the thousands. This has all been non profit and available for free on the web. I started out in 2005 with Star Wars: Deleted Magic, a documentary about how Star Wars was saved in the editing room, as well as The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band: Talking Pictures, and a Monty Python Youtube channel. I currently run Henson Rarities, a Youtube channel and email list dedicated to restoring the work of Muppet creator Jim Henson.
But my biggest restoration has been The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut, which took seven years of research and over two and a half years of frame by frame restoration work for the HD "Mark 4" version. I believe it is the most complex restoration of any film anyone's ever done, certainly on an independent level. This also involved an associated research project and archive of material dedicated to the animator, Richard Williams.
Richard Williams is the three-time Academy Award-winning animator of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and writer of The Animator's Survival Kit. He is considered by many to be the greatest animator alive today. The Thief and the Cobbler was his dream project, on which he spent nearly thirty years [starting in the early 1960s]. After the success of Roger Rabbit in 1988, Warner Bros decided to fund the film, but after disagreements with Williams, they shut production down with the film still unfinished. The Completion Bond company handed it to another director to finish as quickly and cheaply as possible, and the result is unrecognizable.
In 2000 and then 2006 I created the first "Recobbled Cuts," an attempt to show what Williams had in mind. Hundreds of animators and crew who worked on the film offered their support, and many offered rare materials no one had seen previously. I also had a ton of help from friends and fans of the film. After seven years of work and research, including frame by frame cleanup of the entire film, the transfer of 30 minutes of HD 35mm material, dozens of DVD preservations of Williams' other work and even new art and animation, the "Recobbled Cut Mk 4" was complete in HD as of September 2013.
For more information you can visit http://orangecow.org/board or the Recobbled Cut group on Facebook.
I began the project in 2006 while still a member at OriginalTrilogy.com. While putting out a Star Wars "Classic Edition 2.0" I had a disagreement with some forum members - and moderators - who were doing a laserdisc project. Some rumors started about me [which were not true] and I was banned from that forum, and one or two other fanedit forums. I moved the project to my own site, Orangecow.org, and didn't look back until today. I'd rather not bring up old drama as it's been a long time, so hopefully we can move past that.
I was a consultant on releases like Skot Sodawood's "Army of Darkness: Primitive Screwhead Edition" and Dennis' "The Darker Crystal," and have created hundreds of restored DVDs from VHS and other sources, including many Muppet projects. Partial list from memory:
Star Wars: Return of the Ewok and Other Little Films
Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure/The Little Island
Star Wars: Classic Edition trilogy [now obsolete]
Bonzo Dog Band: Talking Pictures [3 discs]
Star Wars: Deleted Magic
The Jim Henson Hour [complete series]
Little Muppet Monsters [6 episodes, 3 previously unseen for 30 years]
The Innes Book of Records series 3 [and many other Neil Innes projects]
The Thief and the Cobbler / Richard Williams archive
Night Trap trailer
Various Muppet specials
MST3K The Expanded KTMA Scrapbook
Rock & Rule soundtrack
Beach Boys SMiLE 3971 edit
John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together
The Muppets at Walt Disney World
The Tale of the Bunny Picnic
The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson
Muppets A Celebration of 30 Years
Rutles Related Rarities
The Great Santa Claus Switch
Animaniacs Broadcast Nuisance Uncensored [now obsolete I think]
Monty Python Audio Rarities
Richard Williams Studio Animated Ads and other films
Richard Williams' A Christmas Carol
The Little Mermaid's Island
Julie Andrews & The Muppets: My Favorite Things, One Step Into Spring, One To One
Keep Off My Grass! with Mickey Dolenz
And so on and so on. I probably shouldn't admit all that, as I often keep my work invisible. It's often a hobby I use to wind down inbetween working on my own artistic projects. [The very popular Star Wars: Deleted Magic came about one weekend when I was too sick to edit my feature of the time.]
I also directed a Marvel superhero feature called Shamelessly She-Hulk back in 2007-8, wrote and drew a comic called The Chosen Ones, wrote 1.5 novels and fourteen screenplays and am currently working on a videogame project.
If you ever need me for any reason you can say hi over at my forum at orangecow.org, or email me through that site.
I've heard some stuff about what you've been up to, since some restorationist friends of mine have been involved in this forum and I've sort of been involved on the side. My best wishes to you.

Here are some of my other channels:

Jim Henson Rarities [The Muppets]

Monty PythoNET

Personal channel

Personal art gallery
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Let me say first this: W-O-W-!!!

I'm really happy you are now part of this little community; I'm sure we all could learn something new from your great and long experience!

Welcome aboard!!! Ok Ok Ok
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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Thank you spoRv! Nice to see people working in AviSynth as well. I've used AviSynth on a few of my projects [especially for frame rate purposes], though it doesn't run on a Mac [except in a limited way via Parallels], so it's inconvenient to get running and I've often outsourced it instead! The more complicated work I do is never automatic, and requires a lot of work in Photoshop, FCP, AE etc. Most of the stuff I do would be hard to explain -- I simply do the grunt work and get it done!
I've started a thread at my own site here:
Here are some "restoration comparisons" showing the sort of restoration I do.
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The Thief and the Cobbler seems a very nice animated movie; I should watch it - guess if there is an Italian track, too...
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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There isn't an Italian track - we did have English, Spanish and Russian subtitles for the old 2008 version but those need to be updated now. The script for the film is also available [in a few different versions].
It's a VERY visual film [both title characters are mute!] so not getting all of the dialogue wouldn't be a big deal.
That's a hell of a resume. Glad to have you here
Very happy to have you on board Garrett, great write up. Smile
Indeed, very impressive list and nice results in the comparisons.

Greatly appreciate all the hard work you put into "The Thief and the Cobbler."

Welcome to fanres! Big Grin
So, at the end it seems I will not need an Italian track so much... Big Grin
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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