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Standard Disclaimer

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Here you are the disclaimer I use for all my projects:

[Image: disclaimer_text_mini.png]

here I offer it to the FanRes community, with the Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share Alike (CC BY-NC-SA) license. Feel free to use it for your own fan project - no need to mention the attribution in the video of course, just in your info file and/or web page, forum post etc. Attribution will be a simple "by _,,,^..^,,,_"

Text also is CC BY-NC-SA, so you could use every graphic you want with this text, or if you like the graphic you could always use the m2ts file into your own project.

Enjoy, and please, if you use it in some of your project, please reply here with a post including a link to the project description.
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Well, seeing as this is a show-and-tell...

[Image: bg1RA1x.jpg]
(click to download).

I made this when I upped my transcode of the Song of the South 16mm. I based it on VHS copyright warnings, and created it using photoshop and an avisynth script to animate it. I disagree with giving what could be construed as legal advice (and would potentially make me legally liable for someone prosecuted after following it), hence I did not put in any "to download this you must ..." type disclaimer, only that if it is found for sale to report the vendor to the relevant authorities. The full text looks like this:

[Image: dOFMKwF.png]

And if you're wondering how I animated it, this is my script:
a ++ stackvertical(top,b)
black ++ trim(0,494).fadeout(36) ++ black
The images are: 1. "background"- the red notice text on a blue background (1280x720), 2. "text" - the text I posted above, but at 2.5x the size of the final resolution and with more blank areas above and below the text. Size is 3200x4978 (ie. 3200/2.5 = 1280w). This allows it to come out smooth, but not too smooth (VHS scrolling warnings were never that smooth). It's just a simple image done in photoshop and saved as .bmp for easy import into avisynth. 3. "Mask" - a simple greyscale image to fade the text in and out. Size is 1280x582 (not the full height because the notice text sits above it). Again made in photoshop using two gradients and a white section in the middle. I could have simplified the script, of course, but as is often the case I'm lazy and just do things sequentially and that's why it's not as simple as it could be. Smile
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