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Donnie Brasco

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The audio on the BD of the theatrical cut sounds distorted. It might be an idea to preserve the PCM from the LD.
The new German BDs from Turbine Medien look good and sound far better than Mill Creek's US release of the TC, which sports lossy Dolby Digital (encoded at 448kbps).  The peaks are clipped on the US BD, and it sounds distorted (as mentioned above).

English 5.1 on US BD (TC)
[Image: DB_US_TC.w64.png]

The German BD looks much better. Notice that the peaks extend beyond 20kHz.  I'm not sure what is causing the distortion on the US BD, because I'm not an audio expert. It might be a phase issue of some kind.

English 5.1 on DE BD (TC)
[Image: DB_TC_6chan.w64.png]

In fact, I find the two-channel mix on the DE BD more exciting than the 5.1.

English 2.0 on DE BD (TC)
[Image: DB_TC_2chan.w64.png]

If you like this film, consider shipping the DE disc.
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Hi Chewtobacca!

I have the Sony International TC BD release with a DTHD 5.1 track. I'll try do dig up this disc, it should be an interesting comparison.

Just can't offer any timetable, because the disc is stored in my folks house. I have no more space for physical media ; )

But as you mentioned, the LD PCM is always welcome.

Do you know how the DE disc compares with Sony US EC disc?

The PQ on both the Sony US and International versions are similar. I wish for an UHD sooner than later, but I don't have my hopes up yet.
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(2020-07-08, 10:10 PM)BDgeek Wrote: Do you know how the DE disc compares with Sony US EC disc?

Nevermind that, just found a comparison on caps-a-holic.

The transfer is obviously the same and the encodes are very similar too.

The DE has a slightly warmer push on some shots. Weirdly it doesn't seem to affect most of the caps.

The DE also has at least one instance of what appears to be a wrong gamma setting.

OTOH, the Sony has a line frame on the right edge of the picture.
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Yeah, I'm very happy with how the DE disc looks and sounds. It might be interesting to see how the PCM compares at some point, but when the DE disc came out, the need for an audio fix disappeared. The US TC disc sure doesn't sound too very good. Thanks for the thought though. Big Grin
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