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[Request...] Sword in the Stone, The (1963) - 1995 US LD PCM

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Without spoiling much about the project I'm putting together, I was wondering if anyone has/could share the Original English Mono PCM from this laserdisc?

Many thanx in advanceWink
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Well, since I'm in the final video encoding stage, I thought now would be a good time to re-request this.

Does anyone here have an LD mono (don't care which LD, as long as it's original English mono) audio track for this film that they would be willing to share? With the beautiful video I have put together for this project, it would be a shame not to have this to include with it Sad

Thanx in advance to anyone that can helpSmile
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I have the old itunes HDTV rip.
I was going to ask you why is the LD audio better, but I just saw now that the HD has 5.1 audio and not the original mono.
edit: I just found a source at rutracker, an 1080i HDTV rip that says it includes an English 2.0 audio track. (although it's 25fps)
Maybe this is the same with the LD?
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I have that and it's a downmix of the 5.1 track to 2.0 stereoSad
Alternately, anyone with the first edition PAL DVD (released in 1999) would also have the original English mono track (although it would be a lossy AC3 track, still better than nothing) The DVD I refer to is this one: http://www.dvd-forum.at/medium-details/2...auberer-z5 (excuse the fact that it's in German)
This disc was also released in Australia (this is a snapshot of a page that is dead right now) http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/se...clnk&gl=en

The way to identify that DVD is to notice that it has English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, and Hebrew audio tracks, ALL original mono. I have been trying to locate this DVD, but so far the only used copy I could find was going for $70 and that's ridiculous.

Additionally , from what I understand, the first Nordic PAL edition, also had mono only tracks but the choices were different: English, Spanish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese; however I haven't been able to verify this...

Hoping someone comes forward with the original English mono in any format before I get ready to release what I haveWink
Maybe you could ask at originaltrilogy.com too where there are more people..
edit: really curious to see what is this project of yours.
I'm really happy with the old itunes HD version.
Unless you have a 16mm/35mm print??
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jerryshadoe I've found a full frame dvdrip (25fps) which has an English 2 channel audio.
Maybe this comes from the DVD you ask?
Although maybe you 'd not be interested since this is an encoding.

Codec...........0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3
Sample Rate.....48000
Bitrate.........129 VBR
@ titanic - Sent you a PM.

If it's the "kidzcorner" release, then I have already checked it and it is a downmix to stereo from a 5.1 audio track. If it's a different release, feel free to PM me detailsWink

On note of the old itunes release: yeah, it's ok but it suffers from macro-blocking (at times rather nasty) and little grain retention due to the low bitrate. As far as my project is concerned... stay tuned and details about it will start leaking towards the end of the week, once I have verified my final video encode...
I wish I could help you with tha audio track Sad
Anyway, still excited about the project and whatever more you have for us Big Grin

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