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Disney animated film LaserDisc audio collection

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Moved the Disney collection to this thread http://forum.fanres.com/thread-802.html
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So I guess the idea I had for this thread was actually a good oneWink

Not sure, don't have the time to check this right now, whether all of these actually need to be captured from LD (some of these might be redundant as we have lossless options on official releases, a couple of them are not animated but I thought they deserve a mention - if something doesn't belong, mention it and I'll remove the title) but here is a list, BY YEAR of release:
Ok i stole your list then i'll update as we go on, thanks Jerry Smile I like your idea of listing by the year for this.

I see there's a handful of non animated films, should these be removed?
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That's cool man, I figured you would "steal" the list out of convenience, LOL Wink

Now, to address the "non-animated" films... Yes, the thread title is "animated" films but let's go down the list of the ones you marked in green, plus a couple of my personal comments:

1942 - Saludos Amigos - technically, only partially an animated film, but I think it should be on list.

1945 - The Three Caballeros - same as above

1946 - Song of the South - same as above

1947 - Fun and Fancy Free - technically, mostly an animated film but does have couple live-action sequences

1954 - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - this one does NOT belong on this list, but I gave it an "honorable" mention as I think this should be preserved. I guess remove from this list and seperate thread might be started for old live-action films from Disney and the original audio for thoseWink

1957 - Old Yeller - same applies as above

1964 - Mary Poppins - this one belongs on the list for many reasons (the up/remixes are horrible) but it IS a mix of live-action and animationWink

1968 - The Love Bug - same applied as 20000 leagues under sea and old yeller

1971 - Bedknobs and Broomsticks - this one belongs on list, much like Mary Poppins, for the mixture of live-action and animation sequences

1974 - Herbie Rides Again - same as The Love Bug comment

1977 - Pete's Dragon - this one also belongs on the list, much like some of the others I mentioned, this, again, is a mixture of live-action and animation sequences

1988 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit - you didn't mark this one for the same reasons I mentioned in some of the above, LOL
Thank you so much Big Grin hahaha
(2015-08-20, 03:46 PM)jerryshadoe Wrote: That's cool man, I figured you would "steal" the list out of convenience, LOL Wink

Now, to address the "non-animated" films... Yes, the thread title is "animated" films but let's go down the list of the ones you marked in green, plus a couple of my personal comments:

Yep i missed some movies, i had minutes before i had to go so i just highlighted some. Your right some are a mix, i suppose we can keep them in the list.

Stealing the list was the whole point of someone else doing the work for me lol but then as we get the LDs i'll update it. We sure don't have many Disney movies on LD, though i'm sure spoRv has a handful of these. Wink
Ha, ha... no worries, the list took me about 5 minutes to put together as I cheated too (LOL) by finding a disney collection torrent that listed most of those for me. Easy copy/paste of the info and then made all film titles bold and "Blam!" Smile

Yeah, I figured that the amount of those that the community actually has is going to be small and, I guess, it's a "long-term" project. Eventually I want to help contribute to this myself too. I believe I might be able to get my hands on the LD PCM for "The Lion King" but will verify this in about a week.

Since I own most of these film on DVD and/or BD, I am happy to help with syncing the LD tracks once they are acquired if this is needed.

Am VERY curious which ones of these Andrea owns, since he is "buried in Laserdiscs," LOL
Cool stuff!

I hope, though, that the presence/availability of a lossless track on a blu-ray doesn't preclude its LD counterpart from being transferred. It's quite common for any original audio mix on blu-ray to sound nigh unrecognisable after all the noise reduction that's been applied. The "lossless" part of it means very little, actually.
I concur, hence the reason that I included nearly all animated Disney films on the list. The "lossless" audio on BD is not always "lossless" (compared to original "master" track) due to all the filtering. In some cases, I understand the need to "clean" up an audio track, but am still of the opinion that a "raw original" whatever (mono or stereo) mix should be included as well. Unfortunately, this is a pipe-dream and the only way to have these is to transfer them from sources that are already available. Fortunately, on the other hand, at least there are laserdiscs for these mixes, so not all is lostSmile
FYI, The Black Cauldron only saw an LD release in France. And LDDB says it's French language only. Sad

The only source for English Dolby stereo would be the VHS release. I feel pretty confident the DVD 5.1 is faithful to the 70mm mix though. The movie isn't popular enough for Disney to spend money futzing around with it.

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