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Star Trek Search For Spock 35mm auction .....
For anyone looking for this .....

Looks like this seller might have all the reels split up .... I hate when people do shit like this.
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Doesn't Poita already have access to a print?
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(2015-08-26, 04:48 AM)Jetrell Fo Wrote: Looks like this seller might have all the reels split up .... I hate when people do shit like this.

Why do people do that shit? Is it just greed, because it fetches a higher price in pieces, or is it stupidity?
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I doubt odd reels get more money than a complete picture. Probably just stupidity.
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It's not odd reels. These are all individual frames, seemingly just from the final reel.

I don't know if this person is the person who chopped it up, or if someone else did and he just obtained the frames and is selling them.

And I see faded frames that seem to come from the original pilot version of The Cage, which was previously thought to only exist as a B&W 16mm print, and the silent color trims that were used for the official reconstruction. (My god, could this be the final fate of that Cage print that was on eBay, but didn't sell? Supposedly it was going to be chopped up if it wasn't sold complete...)

Film cutters are mercenaries in the worst way. There are film cutters in the UK that have chopped up entire prints of all three Back to the Future films, Jurassic Park, and even one of the IB Tech prints of Star Wars!

Bunch of savages in this town...

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It totally sucks, that's for sure.
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Yeah, that's just butchery and blasphemy. I can't believe people would do this!

Out of curiosity, if someone was to obtain all of the individual , chopped up pieces of a film (even frame by frame) for a film that has no other prints available, would it be possible to reconstruct (aside from being tedious and time-consuming)??
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In theory, yes. But these 1-frame/5-frame listings don't all happen at once, these people sell some, then list more. And I am not sure if these sellers were the ones who chopped up the prints, or if they got them from a different party. You'd have to spend months/years buying them all and hoping you can assemble a complete print.

These strips are only good for possible color reference. I know one seller's posted images of BTTF strips, while not particularly high-res, seem to represent the color correctly. (Other sellers illuminate strips in a way that the colors look totally wrong, oversaturated, off-balance.) And there are Jurassic Park strip images that seem to match with the 35mm preservation.

Fortunately, not all frames/strips being sold on eBay come from chopped-up prints. A good deal of them simply come from chopped-up trailers.
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I have an SE Trilogy trailer like this. I got it from an eBay employee who sold all the strips to me at once because he knew getting rid of them a little at a time would take forever. It is the only color timing reference to the SE on film I have.

It still sucks that people do this. These pieces usually seem to end up as parts of a custom project for collector's pieces like mini posters with a few frames from the film put in a frame to be hung on someone's wall.

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I don't know what's worse... these film butchers putting movies, a piece at a time, in a display case where no one can really see what's actually there OR the studios that have great masters transferred and botch the job in post-processing by over-filtering or just horde the films in their vaults while they collect dust. Thoughts??
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