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I am here .....

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Hey all, my name is Shawn. Some may know me, others, well .... we'll leave that one alone.

As far as most things go, I'm liked, disliked, satirized, bullied, slapped around and many other things on other forums some of us have in common. I AM okay with people calling me Shawn. It's more personal and I've known and worked with some of you long enough so I'd prefer it.

Nice looking place Andrea ...... I'm glad to be a part of it's beginning and hopefully it's longevity.

See ya all around the forum ....................

Glad to have you here! Promoted as power user immediately! Big Grin
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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It's good to see ya here Shawn!
Hi Shawn.
Good to see you here.
Welcome Shawn
Nice to see ya Shawn!
Glad to see you here Shawn!

Hope we can collaborate again soon like we did on the regraded Matrix Trilogy.
It's nice to see people calling me by my real name ..... lol. Thanks all. Smile

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