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Wayne's World 2 - THX trailer

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Here is something I think would be worth tracking down. There was a teaser trailer for Wayne's World 2 that was especially made for THX theaters. I saw it once as a kid, and never saw it again. I've read about it on the Film-Tech forums, and a print actually showed up on eBay a while back (but it already sold by the time I found out about it).

This is one of those rare, not-available-on-video trailers, like the Spider-Man World Trade Center teaser, or the original Hook teaser with the map. But unlike those, there isn't a video copy of it anywhere online either.


It has shown up on eBay before - anybody want to keep an eye out in case it turns up again? (For that matter, does anybody perhaps know someone who has a copy, or perhaps could inquire on one of the 35mm forums?)

I'd love for this to get found, scanned, and the sound properly captured in Dolby. The surround was apparently really cool (though all I remember is the Deep Note scaring the bejeezus out of me).
Is it this one?

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